Canada's National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) recommends all individuals six months and up get vaccinated, but particularly ADULTS 65+ and people with CHRONIC DISEASES

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For persons aged 65 years and over, the risk for influenza attributed death was:

  • 5x greater among those with chronic heart disease
  • 12x greater among those with chronic lung disease
  • 20x greater among those with BOTH chronic heart and lung conditions

Vaccination is also recommended for:

Residents of nursing homes and other chronic care facilities, healthy pregnant women, and Indigenous peoples.

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NACI Also Recommends Flu Vaccination For Those:

  • Who are capable of transmitting influenza to those at high risk
  • Healthcare providers in facilities and community settings
  • Household contacts of persons at high risk of complications including infants < six months of age
  • Providing care for children ≤ 59 months of age
  • Who provide services within close or relatively close settings to persons at high risk
  • Who provide essential community services
  • People in direct contact with poultry infected with avian influenza during culling operations

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Although most people can get vaccinated against the flu, there are certain people who should not.

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People Who Cant Get The Flu Shot:

  • Children younger than six months of age
  • People who have had a severe, allergic reaction to an ingredient in a flu vaccine such as eggs or egg products or after receiving any dose of flu vaccine.
  • Anyone who has ever had Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) within six weeks after a previous influenza vaccination.

Your healthcare provider can help you decide whether you should get a flu shot and which one might be right for you.